Monday, February 9, 2009

Blogger or Wordpress?

Many of you have heard of Wordpress, either the downloadable script or the service available at If you don’t know, is similar to, it offers free blog service to people and if you are bored with Blogger, you might as well give it a shot. I know that many of you are wondering whether to use Blogger or Wordpress. The answer is actually quite simple: use whichever you like. Anyway, in this article I’ll try to help you to choose the correct one. Please feel free to comment if you have any suggestions or corrections.

Now, the easiest way to determine which one you’ll choose is to use them at the same time. Make two blogs, one using Blogger while the other one uses Wordpress. You’ll get a practical experience with the two that will help you to decide. But of course the method described just now is more or less time consuming, and are not suited for busy bloggers.

Ok, to make the comparison easier, below are the top 3 descriptions about those two.

Indexing Time – Indexing is the process in which Google (or any other search engine), registers your blog pages into its database. Your blog can only be shown in search results only after it is indexed. For indexing time, Blogger is the winner. Why? It is because Blogger is one of Google’s service, of course Google will want to index its own blogs first.

Categories – You know what this means. In Blogger we used to call it labels or tags. In terms of the categories flexibility, Wordpress is over Blogger. Wordpress offers an effective and  customizable labeling system.

Theme – This ought to be the main topic for most bloggers. Unfortunately (or fortunately) the winner here is Wordpress. Wordpress offers a TON of templates which you can apply in a single click. But Blogger users fear not, by learning a bit about HTML and CSS, you’ll be able to customize your blog to look just as attractive.

Finally the decision is yours to make. My suggestions is, if you have some time to spare, stick with the first method, try both simultaneously, as this is the most effective way to choose between Blogger and Wordpress. There are many reviews out there about Blogger and Wordpress, just search with Google if you need further reference.

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Hi ck_leick, thanks for being a follower. By the way, you got a really cool blog, I like the paintings part.

Darrel said...

Can you dumb it down a little bit for me? I'm very interested but find my mind wandering into the Ethernet.

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I'm on it, check back later to see the simpler version of this post. Yeah, I know that it is a bit out of topic and a little complicated...