Sunday, February 22, 2009

RankChecker Firefox plugin

If you have followed my blog for a while, you would have noticed that there are some tips and tutorials on how to improve your blog’s ranking in search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN). Now today I wanted to share this Firefox plugin created by that could track how well you rank on search engines (and whether or not your all efforts give expected results). RankChecker can display your blog’s rank on each keyword you specify. The screenshot below shows Rank Checker tracking this blog’s rank in Google for the keywords I specify.

blog rank checker

To install Rank Checker go to the official website and follow the instructions given there. After installing you should restart your Firefox or else the plugin will not work. Before you launch it for the first time, you should configure it to get the most accurate data. Go to Tools > Add-ons. From the given list select RankChecker and click on ‘Options’. The option window should appear. What you need to do is to tick the ‘Don’t use Google personalized search results if any’. This will prevent RankChecker to obtain the results that have been personalized by you, in many case this will alter the real rank of your blog. One more thing is to set the ‘Delay between queries’ to be no less than 2. The smaller the value, the faster RankChecker obtains the results, but this may cause Google (or any other search engines) to block you. The full explanation can be read at

Using the extension is pretty straightforward, just enter your blog’s URL in the Domain text box and the keyword in the ‘Keywords’ box. Try not to use the http:// prefix for Domain, it will cause several errors. You can add a keyword and a domain one at a time, but if you want to check one domain for several keywords, use the ‘Add Multiple Keywords’ button. Hit the ‘Start’ button to start the check. After you are done, you can save the result by using the ‘Export results to CSV’. RankChecker will generate a .csv file which you can open using Microsoft Excel or any other spreadsheet software.

And before I forget, RankChecker will display a ‘-‘ in case your blog ranks below the top 200 for the keyword. Now armed with this information, it should be easier to push your blog even higher to the top of the search results!


TC said...

Thanks for the rank checker link, I do alexa and my stats, I'm getting all sorts of hits for a picture I posted that somehow got linked high up on google, alas it just goes to an old article I wrote in like January or so. But traffic is traffic? Not really if they aren't reading commenting and following?

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Raman Mittal said...

What does "rank" in RankChecker signifies?

Hacking Tricks said...

thanks for sharing.....thumb up.

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