Sunday, December 28, 2008

Increase traffic by submitting blog to directories

Here's another great tip to increase your blog traffic: submit it to directories. By submitting your site to directories, people will be able to 'see' you, thus increasing your traffic. Still confused? Here's how it work:

First you submit your blog to sites like or Then your blog will be listed in a directory of your choice. Say you have a blog about blogging tips (yep, it's this blog), you can choose to appear in (for example) Internet > Blogging. Then when people want to look for blogging tips, they go to the Blogging category, and there's your site, ready to attract more traffic. If visitors are interested in your blog description, they might visit it. It's that simple.

Ok, I understand, so where should I be submitting my blog to? Well for a start you might try, or Note that some sites require you to register first. You can google other directories sites as well, but remember to check their details first (is it a banned site? does it require me to pay?). Just keep in mind that submitting your blog to directories doesn't guarantee 100% traffic, you must work hard for it!